Loop Opti Flow Fly Line

Loop Opti Flow Fly Line
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Tinkering with fly lines and firing heads to create the best line for each application has... more
Product information "Loop Opti Flow Fly Line"

Tinkering with fly lines and firing heads to create the best line for each application has been deeply rooted in Loop's DNA since the 1980s. A well-balanced flight line is a deciding factor when it comes to getting the maximum out of a rod. The correct choice of the line for the individual fishing conditions and casting styles can and will significantly influence the casting performance of the angler as well as the presentation of the fly.

The Loop Opti Flow complements the Opti-Line series as a presentation cord. The long front taper makes long presentations with a long leader a breeze. Other casts can be kept stable with tight loops in the air thanks to the long rear taper, making the line equally suitable for long roll, switch or one-handed spey casts. The color demarcation between belly and runningline helps with the line control.

The Loop Opti Flow is an outstanding line for long-distance dry-fly and nymph fishing where shallow shores, clear and shallow water or high fish pressure do not allow close fishing.

  • Length: 27 m
  • Floating
  • Color: light blue (club), white (running line)
Rubrik: Einhandschnur
Klasse: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Zielfisch: Barbe, Barsch, Döbel, Forelle, Karpfen, Rapfen, Zander, Äsche
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