Cortland Trout Boss HTX Fliegenschnur (Kalt-/Süßwasser)

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The Trout Boss HTx is Cortland's premium line for modern fly rods with fast and ultra-fast... more
Product information "Cortland Trout Boss HTX Fliegenschnur (Kalt-/Süßwasser)"

The Trout Boss HTx is Cortland's premium line for modern fly rods with fast and ultra-fast action. And especially for the fishing of medium to large streams with the dry fly, the nymph and small streamers.

The front 9.14 meters have a 3/4 AFTMA class overweight and thus ensure better charging powerful, faster blanks even with short line length. The launcher thus feels more like the rod is working, can present fine and precise at close range and has a significantly better performance in overhead and rolling casts at a shorter distance. Despite the higher weight, the fly line lands gently on the water, because it is optimized with a 3.05 meter long front taper for fine presentations even with long leaders. With a total of 13.8 meters long belly is more weight than a "normal" WF for the throwing distances most commonly required on larger streams available, allowing a much more relaxed casting routine.

The fly can be presented with almost playful ease at all distances up to about 16 meters - with enough "steam" in the rod even without any train support (double haul). If you let the belly shoot, considerable throw distances are achievable - even with water casts (roll / switch cast). A 3.00 meter long handling section behind the belly, which is slightly thicker than the Running Line, ensures a pleasant grip between the fingers on the double haul.
More string pulp with less diameter!

The Trout Boss HTx is heavier, but not thicker. Due to the use of a particularly thin braid made of braided Nylon Multifil the outer hub diameter is very slim despite the larger coating mass. The advantages of correspondingly low water, air and friction resistance are: The line cuts excellently through the wind, forms a tight loop, slides well through the water, can be correspondingly light and quiet and cut off for a new cast from the water. At the same time, the ratio between the large mass and the small cross section of the coating causes a lot of buoyancy, the line therefore floats very high in the surface film.

HTx coating for Hi-Speed ​​Performance!

The Trout Boss HTx has the super smooth, extremely durable and high-floating HTx coating. HT stands for "heat-tempered", a multi-stage process in which a thermally cured coating is applied, which fills all unevenness - even the smallest in the microscopic range - and thus forms an absolutely homogeneous and smooth surface. A subsequent, precisely metered heat shock treatment in the high temperature range hardens and seals the line, giving it a surface texture as smooth as glass. The extremely low coefficient of friction of the HTx coating not only gives the fly line enormous shooting pleasure, but also reduces the adhesive effect on the water surface to an absolute minimum. In addition, the HTx coating is dirt-repellent.

Available in the following cord classes: WF-4-F WF-5-F WF-6-F WF-7-F

  • Coating: HTx
  • Soul: Braided nylon multifilament, 24 lb load capacity
  • Color: Chartreuse / Ivory (Ivory)
Rubrik: Einhandschnur
Klasse: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Zielfisch: Barbe, Barsch, Döbel, Forelle, Karpfen, Rapfen, Äsche
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