Cortland Short Belly Spey Line

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The CORTLAND Short Belly Spey Fly Lines, with their 13.8 meter long belly, are made for... more
Product information "Cortland Short Belly Spey Line"

The CORTLAND Short Belly Spey Fly Lines, with their 13.8 meter long belly, are made for shorter two-handed rods from 11'6 "to 12'6" in the 7th to 10th grade. Shortening or cutting the lines, as required for the exact assembly of shooting heads, is not necessary (provided the line class of your two-handed rod is correctly indicated). The belly profiles are optimally proportioned for casting in the Spey style and the super-smooth, supple Precision Coating ensures perfectly controllable D-loops and line loops up to the complete extension of the leader.

The Running Lines have the stiffer PST ™ coating, which gives them particularly good shooting characteristics. Belly and Runningline have different colors, so you will always find the exact right line length for recharging the rod. Also normal roll casts and overhead casts work with these lines with playful ease.

The Spey fly lines are equipped with welded loops at the top and at the end for quick and easy connection with the leader and the backing.

  • Coating: Belly Precision Coating, Running Line PST
  • Soul: Braided nylon multifilament
  • Color: orange / medium blue

# 7: 450 grains (29.16 grams), carrying capacity soul 24 lb
# 8: 500 grains (32.40 grams), carrying capacity soul 35 lb.
# 9: 550 grains (35.64 grams), 35 lb
# 10: 625 grains (40.50 grams), 35 lb

Rubrik: Zweihandschnur
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